Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Project Bananas: Week Four: Become Violin Virtuoso

The hope for Project Bananas: Become Violin Virtuoso was that it was achievable since I had a violin lesson last week and this week (usually they are every two weeks). The results were pretty good, but not as flawless as I had hoped. I practiced Monday, had my lesson Tuesday, practiced Thursday and Saturday. Upside? That's four days out of seven that I practice. Downside? What was my problem Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. It only takes 20 minutes to practice, at minimum, so I should be able to find time for that every day.

I'm struggling with trying to decide whether my expectations of myself are too high or I'm not trying hard enough. It felt good going into my violin lesson yesterday feeling like I was somewhat prepared, even though I'm still on a steep learning curve. I don't think practicing every single day is every going to be doable. But practicing 5 out of 7 days? I think that is very achievable.

So I think that maybe Project Bananas: Week Five will be an extension of Become Violin Virtuoso. I had my lesson yesterday and I haven't practiced today (cooking, doing my taxes, and website stuff occupied my attention). So that leaves five more days that I need to practice four of. I think I can do it.

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