Monday, November 7, 2011

NaBloWriMo - Day Seven

Major excitement, there is finally a Blogger app (which is to say, I just discovered it). This means NaBloWriMo will be easier because I can blog without my laptop. That said, one fingered typing is annoying and slow.

I've called it another early night and am breaking one of my cardinal rules which is no working in bed. We're still recovering from yesterday's drama though and we both need to keep calm. I didn't go to the gym either, because I felt intensely that I just needed to go home.

I'm overscheduled. D says I need to give things up, but that's just not my way. It seems that the NaNoWriMo is suffering. Still, three more weeks until SSP is done and a few days after that will be the finish of NaNo and NaBlo. As they say, I'll sleep in December.

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