Wednesday, November 2, 2011

NaBloWriMo - Day Two

I'm generally trying to be a better all-round person as the countdown to 30 begins. Eating better, moving more, being a better friend and family member, etc. All of this improvement has led to it's share of introspection, and I recently had the realization that if I want to take better care of other people, I need to take better care of me. From the blogs I read, it's clear that this is a problem many women have, increasingly as they become mothers with a family to take care of. I don't have kids yet, so I figure now is the time to get into the habit.

I have a weird quirk (well, I have lots of weird quirks, but specifically for this example I have this one weird quirk...). I can't deal with the sound of people eating or drinking loudly. It's actually a real thing, I recently discovered, that other people have too. Anyways, as it happens, D is a very loud chewer and slurper. Instead of waiting for his tea to cool, for example, he'll sit there and slurp it back slowly and painfully. Usually, I would either snappily tell him to knock it off (which would lead to a fight) or I'd sit here and stew while he slurped until I snapped and (surprise!) we got in a fight. But tonight? I calmly explained that whilst he was enjoying his tea (which I genuinely don't begrudge him), I was going to go have my shower. I needed to shower at some point this evening anyways, so there was no time like the present. And? Fight averted and my sanity saved.

Being a martyr comes naturally to me, but it's not healthy or helpful. I need to continue to find ways to voice my frustrations without being unreasonable and find solutions that make everyone happy (or at least, don't make anyone actively unhappy). And now, on to NaNoWriMo-ing!

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