Friday, March 12, 2010

Project Bananas: Week One: Become Famous Blogger

I've been reading blogs for about 8 years now, ever since I read a website that someone left open on my laptop in my dorm room. That person had a list of links, once of which was Dooce, and then I started reading her. Then SHE had a bunch of links that I started reading, and before I knew it I was following the lives of a bunch of people that I've never met. Dooce was certainly not the web phenomenon then that she is now and all I can think is that if only I'd started a blog then I too could be a famous blogger now.

Let's be honest though, everyone and their dog has a blog now. I'm not really sure that the world needs more Famous Bloggers or that it has any interest in them. And what on earth do I want to be a Famous Blogger for anyways? The fame? The free stuff that I might not want? The potentially nasty comments from trolls?

That said, it's those blogging dogs that make me think that if THEY can do it, then surely I, an intelligent, creative, and witty person can manage it. I love to write, I have interesting and hilarious things to say, and I think it would be nice to have a record some day of all the crazy things I think of. So for the next week Project Bananas is all about getting this blog started. I hereby pledge on my beloved iTouch that I will blog SOMETHING every day this week.

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