Thursday, March 18, 2010

Project Bananas: Week One, Day Seven: Become Famous Blogger

I could choose to look at my lack of blogging yesterday as a failure of Project Bananas: Become Famous Blogger. But I choose to look at it as a reflection of the challenges I'm going to face as Project Bananas continues. I simply had NO time. I was at my desk by 8am, I didn't leave until 5:30pm when I walked to the hotel where I was getting the shuttle to the airport. Yes, there was wi-fi on the bus (which was awesome for some iTouch), but I really kind of wanted to listen to music and watch the scenery go by. I got to the airport and of course they make you pay for wifi. So I checked in, went through security and wandered around a bit before reading my (amazing) book at the gate. I arrived in DC late and by the time I got to my sister's place, the baby was up and we were trying to get him back to sleep.

Which is all to say, there was not really time. But I think that's ok. I've blogged six days out of seven, and that's an amazing accomplishment. I have a habit of qutting something entirely as soon as I fail at something slightly (ie, every diet or workout plan I've ever tried in my life). I don't think that's conducive to long term accomplishments and the whole point of Project Bananas to be more (and FEEL more) accomplished.

I have the rare opportunity to wander around DC (one of my favorite cities) and maybe even go write a little on the project I started. I'll also do some thinking about what the next Project Bananas will be. Week two starts tomorrow!

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